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Pooja Mathur A born Clairvoyant And Spiritual Healer-Coach Is Based In Mumbai And Have A Career Span Spread Over 2 Decades

She is from  Vadodara, Gujarat only… born and brought up in Vadodara. She has completed her entire education in Vadodara, Gujrat. For her career she has shifted to Mumbai. She has done Several T.V. shows like AstroVani, Bhavishya Phal Sitaronse Hal to name a few on News24, NDTV etc. Besides this her predictions are regular on ICWAI, Online magazine Soul Steer,  Amar Ujala’s Prayukti Newspaper to name a few…

Many accolades,  rewards, awards, she has to her credit for her work in the field of Tarot n Spiritual Healing. She has been awarded twice amongst  India’s Top 50 ICONS…


Now Her show ” Suno Parth” will appear on India T.V in the near future.

Now she wants to serve her own motherland.. I.e Gujrat..wants to help people here in Gujarat..  wants to conduct Free Healing Workshops for bringing awareness regarding wellbeing of mental as well as physical health of  people. Making them aware through her Card Reading and different kinds of Healing .

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