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Indywood Billionaires Club Demands probe on V G Siddardh’s Death

Sohan Roy, Founder of Indywood Billionaire Club expressed his deep condolences as India’s biggest coffee chain, Cafe Coffee Day, founder VG Siddhartha was declared dead today. His body was found today morning after being reported missing mysteriously since Monday night. The body was recovered by a group of fishermen from the Netravati river, near Hoige Bazaar beach in Mangaluru after 36 hours. The spot from where the body was recovered, was reportedly some distance away from the bridge he was seen on last.

Sohan Roy, who is a successful business man also relates to the issue Siddhartha might have faced and struggles he might have gone through to built a coffee chain like CCD and feels deeply for the family who might be in unbearable sorrow now.

Siddhartha, also the son-in-law of former Karnataka chief minister and BJP leader SM Krishna, was last seen near the bridge in the Kotepura area in Dakshina Kannada district on Monday night, police said.

Reacting to the demise of Siddhartha, businessman Mr. Sohan Roy empathized with Siddhartha’s letter saying that Indian “government and other businessmen can drive anyone to despair for personal gains. If  government does not take any corrective measures, such incidents may repeat again in future.”

Indywood Billionaires Club

The Indywood Billionaire’s Club is an elite network of India’s wealthiest individuals with people with an asset value of INR 100 crore or more as its members. Founded with the agenda of elevating the value of the Indian Rupee and make it on par with the dollar, IBC members will be exposed to investment opportunities that can help in the nation’s rebuilding process and will provide local job opportunities. IBC envisions a developed India by 2030.The club, through its investment initiatives, would boost Foreign Direct Investment in the entertainment sector. The Indywood consortium is an umbrella network connecting 2000 influential and wealthy individuals with the latent potential of India’s multi-billion dollar film and entertainment sector. The consortium plans to produce 1000 movies over the next 5 years with added focus on the Indian Animation and Television industry.

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