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Dance Exponent – Sanjana Mahindrakar

Ms. Mahindrakar is a highly sought-after, award winning Bharatnatyam Dancer who has performed around the world for more than 15 years. Among her many honors, she received the WOW MHAHSA Award (Mental Health Healing alternate healing summit & awards) for teaching special needs children the Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam, presented by Uma Rele, the renowned bharatnatyam teacher exponent and principal of Nalanda University in Mumbai; as well as the WOW Personality Title (Winners of Worthiness) at the Starlite Awards Season 3 for Excellence in Bharatnatyam. Sanjana has performed at many prestigious international events and competitions around the world comprised of the most select group of artists, highlights of which include the 3rd Cultural Olympiad of Performing Arts, Dubai, UAE, 2013 where she won the event’s most prestigious honor, the Chairman’s Award, placing her at first place above 446 competing artists; the 5th Cultural Olympiad of Performing Arts, Bangkok, Thailand 2015, also winning the chairman’s award out of over 600 participants; and the 9th National Harmony, Pune in Maharashtra, India in 2013. Over her 15 year career.

Sanjana has worked alongside leading experts in the field: Sandip Soparrkar, German-trained Ballroom and Latin Dance expert who has trained the likes of Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Kenny G, Jackie Chan and Madonna; and Jollene Berghoff, who for the past 20 years has taught, performed, and toured extensively with the BYU International Folkdancers, representing America at various festivals and shows. Sanjana’s work has also been featured by international publications including Global Council of Art and Culture, the India NGO List, the Times of India and Odisha 360.

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