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Dr Sunita Dube Starts Fitindia Project At Gangotri – Badrinath In Uttarakhand

Recently MediscapeIndia launched its healthcare project in Uttarakhand In the presence of various dignitaries like Swami Balkrishan, senior doctors from across the country, top officials from the Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, department of Ayush , Niti Aayog, president from various medical bodies , international delegates and a large number of social organizations the event turned out to be a grand success.

The launch of project Uttarakhand was like a dream come true  ,Gangotri Swami ji who is not only an person persuaded for three year ask to visit & help the ailing communities for medical help.

Medscapeindia -Aryan Medical & Educational  Trust is a non-governmental organization that is engaged in the field of providing health care facilities to all those who live in the remote and require such facilities most.

Launching project Uttarakhand was a difficult and tedious task for all of us at the Medscapeindia as hilly terrains and lack of logistics, infrastructure and other facilities and far away locations of villages came up as a challenge for us to meet.

“During the course of our repeated visits and interactions with the local villagers, we found out that this picturesque Himalayan region is in dire need of health care facilities as even in small cases like abdominal pain the villagers are forced to travel 15 to 21 kilometres to reach a road go to nearby town in search of a doctor in the absence of a medical facility nearby their villages. In case of a serious complication, the sufferer is left with no option than to travel either to Srinagar or Dehradoon for treatment in the Garhwal region of the state. The expenses on medicines are an additional burden on the poor villages who we found were very cooperative, supportive eager to respond to our attempts to provide them medical facilities through mobile medical clinics,” said  Renowned Radiologist , founder Chairperson of Medscapeindia Dr Sunita Dube

“My interaction with the villagers was indeed a heart touching as area lacks any medical facilities even thought the state government has been making efforts to provide medical facilities to the people living in remote areas in the harsh conditions. From Vaisnodevi, we went to Gangotri where we already had set up program. We had put up medical camps there to treat patients having multiple health problems. Most of the people we came across had been suffering with the knee problem, arthritis. Dr.Neeraj Dube and Dr. Sidharth and  other five doctors with us who checked and treated the patients. We realized that maximum medical treatment required was gynaecological as there was no gynaecologist to look after pregnant lady, many women have lost their & childs life while reaching to hospital as as there no maternity or gynaecologist at all.The womenfolk have to travel down to Dehradoon, the state capital or some nearby big town to get their gynaecological problems treated,” said Dr, Sunita Dube the head of the mission who executed Uttarakhand project in first phase .

She said the other health problems we found people are suffering in the areas we travelled are hypertension, diabetes, tension,  arthritis, Gouts,skin problem includes psoriasis,and depression. “We had gone there with three bags of medicines that fell short as we had no clue about the gravity of the situation. Actually we had gone there to do a recee and had no idea that it would be turn out to be difficult situation to address. Some local people also assured us that they would try to provide the patients medicines either free of cost or at reduced prices,” Dr Sunita said.

She said he doctors accompanying her wanted to do some xrays on patients but failed to do so as there was no such facility available adding people are also suffering for the lack of proper doctors available in the remote areas. During our visit to Badrinath shrine we found out that there was no trained MBBS doctor was available, only some registered medical practioners were had put up their clinics to treat patients.

She said that a large number of doctors associated with the Medscapeindia have already consented to join our mission. But major issue is accessibility, reaching out to those living in the far away high altitude areas is the biggest task we are finding difficult as travelling takes many many hours to reach villages as proper roads and other infrastructure related facilities were not in place and besides rains and landslides also play havoc.

After coming from Gangotri we went to Badrinath where we inspected some patients and gave them medicines we were carrying and came back to Rishikesh where we found out that despite some hospitals coming up there is still shortage of trained doctors and proper medical facilities as it is considered to be a place where more medical facilities could be put in place.

Dr Sunita said during her visit to the Garhwal region she and her team found out that local people are very supportive, responsive and they came forward to us when we offered medical assistance to them. She said they went out to the extent of offering their houses, lands and other premises to be uses as clinics and hospitals. It was a nice gesture to see in today’s era.


“We are trying to provide them a kind of permanent medical facility to them which could help meet their medical requirements. We are trying to deploy mobile clinics with doctors, nurses and other para-medical staffs to help the people in various places like Joshimath , Uttarkashi,and other remote villages. We are also contemplating to make arrangements for providing air ambulances in cases of serious ailments and also trying to set up some hospitals there in the rural areas where surgery could take place and pregnant lady, Newborn,gynaecological problems could be addressed. We can utilise the lands, which is not being used for constructing small hospitals. We are also planning to appoint highly qualified doctors with high salary. On part of our organization Medscapeindia we would like to send planned way specialist doctors to the remote areas to provide special treatment to the people,” Dr said.

She said my visit to Uttarakhand was like an inner journey because I find myself in a position to help them our as a doctor for their medical need and also I felt water is also a major issue in that area. Dr Sunita said she is confident that doctors who have agreed to volunteer for Medscapeindia initiative would like to support the Uttarakhand and provide their valuable services to the people who needed medical assistance most. We are also engaged with the government officials over the security issues of doctors and other medical staffs who have volunteered to work in the far away villages of Uttarakhand.

She said we are also planning to put up permanent mobile medical clinics in Uttarkashi, Joshimath and nearby areas to provide medical facilities to local people as we have been in the medical profession for the last 14 years creating awareness, doing research and exploring ways to provide medical assistance to the needy through CSR or government support. We also urge upon the local community to come forward and join our endeavours.

About MedscapeiIndia is volunteer organisation of Doctors & like minded people and has worked for various awareness program & campaigns since 14 years such as Save the Girl Child, HIV Awareness, Preventive medical camps, Million smile, Breast Cancer screening & Awareness, Doctor’s legible Handwriting campaign,Fitindia on wheel, Fitindia silver,World’s first Doctors’ Anthem,Medscapeindia National awards, Anokhee Pahal, FITINDIA Project,

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