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Celebrity Hub – The Perpetual Source Of Celebrities

An iconic platform for celebrities – Celebrity Hub       

Mumbai:Celebrity Hub is all set to introduce new concepts to the entire world hereby to gain the world’s accolades. It’s launched by Research Media Group (RMG) Chairman Chaitanya Janga in the commercial capital of India Mumbai, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (West). RMG Executive Director PVS VARMA, RMG CEO Hari Leela Prasad, Marathi Actress Prajakta Shinde were present. Celebrity Hub is the most recognised and respected company which has an impressive history of providing models for Brand promotions and events and turning the entire show to an iconic one. It is South India’s most recognised name in the branding and advertising industry. Celebrity Hub’s vision encompasses all types of beauty, not just ‘traditional’ but models that have dominated fashion. Just within a short span of 10 years, celebrity hub has empanelled more than 66 thousand celebrities. These days Celebrity hub has a huge impact on the Branding and Advertising industry which is established by a 44 old entrepreneur Chaitanya Janga from Vijayawada. Celebrity hub is a perennial source of opportunities for aspiring models, celebrities both at national and international levels.

The Celebrity Hub is a part of Research Media Group (RMG), the top advertising and branding company. Research media group today has become an epitome of excellence and synonym for success in more than one field. Like all beginnings, the beginning of research media is also small but interesting. It began as a small advertising agency in 1992. From then it is growing with times by scripting unmatched victories and moving on the path of success. Its turnover crossed 162 crores in the last year. Now it is targeted to reach 279 crores turnover in the current financial year.

Speaking to the media, Chairman Chaitanya Janga said “If the client company provides its budget estimates, the celebrity hub will provide celebrities of their choice based on their budget. The products, goods or services which are not having proper branding, promotion cannot get due mileage and patronage of customers. Some companies, business houses wish to make publicity directly by prominent celebrities for their products but they do not know the approach process. They don’t know where celebrities will be available; whom they have to approach and how to get their confirmations, etc are some problems they have to face during the process. The speciality of Celebrity hub is to make all such arrangements and take all the responsibility to handle things smoothly. Celebrity hub feels proud to have more than 66000 famous cinestars, models from Telugu states. Celebrity hub has all capabilities to provide Cine stars for all the events and other stage shows being organised in countries like U.S.A, Dubai, Malaysia, Bangkok, Sri Lanka etc. The Research Media Group has 500 permanent employees. The group is going to organise some of the most prestigious programmes during the current year.”

He states that he believes that innovation is the benchmark to lead the path to success. He adds, “I am always in constant movement in the pursuit of excellence. In the advertisement field, it is a complex thing that consumes a lot of efforts, cost and time from different experts in the team which requires that every part of the project process be well-studied, documented and well planned prior to working in the project. I look after my team and we constantly innovate to provide creative, strategic solution to our clients to maximise business returns and now I am in this position that whenever I look back, everything that I learned in my life motivates me every day.”

He says “It’s very difficult to forge strong relationships in the modelling environment, maintain them over the course of time and transform them into successful business relationships. I strived very hard to maintain relationships with everyone and as a result, now, I have every contact in every place in entire India. I had the opportunity to work along with some brilliant minds. To be part of some incredible companies and their works to do some really amazing stuff. The journey wasn’t easy but it’s really memorable. My mother and wife are always really supportive and they are the reason for my success.”

He says that age is not an issue to learn or start anything. He adds “I always believe in its ‘never too late or too early’. To pursue your dreams, one should be confident enough to face everything that comes to them, in their lives. As far as younger people are concerned, you may hear about the few that have become successful but what you don’t hear about are the many more that failed. This is true at any age. So don’t think about your age as being a drawback because it certainly isn’t. Instead, it can be viewed as a positive because you have that many more years of knowledge and experience that will enable you to make better and more accurate decisions moving forward.”

Mr. Chaitanya believes in the youth, this generation has everything and they should come up with innovative ideas. He says, “I always try to promote young talent. I always stand to empower the young pioneers who will push the world forward through entrepreneurship and innovation. My suggestion to the young generation is don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is different. Accept it. Being a successful first isn’t a race. Being successful is a journey. Being successful as a young entrepreneur is a combination of effort, luck and support. Take your time and enjoy the entrepreneurial journey. Keep the effort up. Keep yourself supported. The luck will come eventually. That’s when you’ll succeed.”

For Further Details visit at Website : www.researchmedia.group

———–Sanjay Sharma Raj (P.R.O.)

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