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Dr. Purnima Gupta Has Been Astrologer Of Many Bollywood Celebrities Like Mika Singh And Ankit Tiwari

Dr Purnima Gupta a renowned astrologer in India possesses all the qualities and practices this divine Science with reverence and respects to all the mystical sages of this sacred land. It is needless to mention that with her hard work and dedication she has become popular among the masses in a very short time span.

Purnima Gupta is an astrologer who has a connection to Bollywood stars too. Yes, astrology and Bollywood stars have been connected for years and Purnima is one of the name among those who has also been astrologer of many celebrities. She has predicted Singer Mika Singh and composer Ankit Tiwari, along with many other Bollywood stars.


Purnima Gupta is a Padma Shri (2018) Nominated Candidate who won various awards like Jyotish Ratna, jyotish bhushan, Young Women Achiever in astrology and is also affiliated by National institute of Education and Research. She has also been awarded as the Best Tarot card reader by NIER.

She is the part of various foundations and conducting many shows about astrology and tarot card reading on Television. She writes for various Magazines and covered by many print media.

She also teaches and spread this knowledge of Tarot cards and spirituality.

She has started Purohit Astrology  with the clear intention of giving correct guidance to the people, She believes if she will be helpful in changing the life of at least one person she has achieved her target.

She has been connected to a lot of NGOs, old homes, orphanage, take classes at home and teach people. Her this  selfless contribution to  the society and her noble gestures has bought her the nomination of “ Mother Teresa Sadhbhavna Award” which will be awarded to her in Thailand, by Dr Abhiram Kulshreshtha, Director General, National Institute For Education & Research, New Delhi & Ms Marisa  Phaekwamdee, Executive Vice President, Phillips, Thailand. Dr Purnima Gupta is Truly a beti bachao, beti padhao!!!

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