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The hundred Bucks Hindi Film Promotion In Sri Lanka

The ‘promotion of ‘The Hundred bucks ‘ feature film occurred in Sri Lanka , directed by bollywood famous personality Dushyant Singh. The film was promoted in the capital of Sri lank,  Colombo in which the former president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa was present including Films producer Dr. Pratima Totla, Mr. Vibhav Tomar, Dr Ritu Singh, Director dushyant singh , Writer Vishnupriya Singh and lead actress of the movie Kavita were present.

In this event, celebrities from Sri Lanka movie sector were also present including famous Sri lankan singer priyanath rathnayaka was present Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa after seeing the first look of the movie praised it and said that we welcome international film makers in Sri Lanka.  Director dushyant singh said that this moment is unforgettable.  Movie actress kavita said that it was just like a dream   that first movie in which she worked was promoted by the former President of the country.

Releasing and promotion preparation of movie is continuing very fastly on international level, we wish that this movie will be a milestone in industry

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