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Karishma Shetty Conferred Upon A Doctorate For Parapsychology Metaphysics And Spiritual Sciences To Many Eminent Personalities-Celebrities-Politicians And Others

Starting with healing powers and spiritual knowledge at a tender age, Karishma has been a child prodigy and her expertise in Psychological and Parapsychological therapies, Tarot, Vastu, Numerology, Astrology, Angels, Fairies, Mediumship, Healing, Cleansing, Aura Reading, Candle Healing, Crystal Ball, Crystals, Wicca, Graphology, Methorpher Therapy, Colour Therapy, Tantra, Runes, Cartomancy amongst various others, started at very early age these are few of the things that she excels in and is spiritually blessed by the almighty.
A charismatic personality, Karishma Shetty’s clientele includes a list of VIP’S, Bollywood celebs to Politicians. Karishma who conducts classes globally has more than 400 students under her supervision. An amazing and talented intuitive reader, Karishma’s predictions have always been on dot.

Her insights solutions to problems are accurate. Her predictions help her clients to stay balanced mentally and emotionally.  Founder of Alohappiness, Karishma believes in giving back to the society. She is associated with many social causes & works for the betterment of the society.
Karishma Shetty says “I believe in myself, infact that is something I try to inculcate in my students as well.  I feel honoured and humble to receive the doctorate and proud of being recognized in extending a helping hand of my expertise to people in need .Everyone faces problems in their lives, we have people coming to us with complex issues, what we give them is the mental strength to fight those problems”.

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